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I’ve recently come to realize, with the help of my girls, that as ladies we require something in our daily lives. Attention. Now this can be poisonous or medicinal. depending on how you look at it. Let’s look at it from both sides.

I’m quite the optimistic so I’ll begin with the medicinal. As girls/women/ladies, we need attention to feel loved and accepted. If our peers and especially parterners don’t give us attention we almost die emotionally. We start seeking attention from anyone. We just need and want to be noticed! Another thing is, we like to pretend we don’t need attention. Stop pretending ladies and love the attention you getting, coz u know once it stops ur head be thinking of 101 reasons why u aint getting the attention. Attention makes us feel great and I personally believe that. Attention is medicine for the female soul.

Now it can also be poisonous. When a man decides to give you all the attention u desire with the wrong intentions, you are in big trouble. A man will lavish you with his undivided attention, then all of a sudden hit you with reality. That actually, I got you where I want now. I got you thinking I lurve u, when I don’t, so u gonna come back to me all the time. Why?! Coz ATTENTION! Don’t be fooled ladies, him calling you and chasing you is nothing but a game for him. A past time. All that interest he showing you will be over as soon as u give in.

So ladies and gentlemen, respect yourselves and know your limits. Know when too much is no good for ya.
Ladies, we may enjoy the chase but remember that you’re the reward. They’ll do everything within their power to get u. Be aware of wolves in sheep clothing.


Hey ppls! So I gotta say, I’m so sorry. It’s been a year since I last posted! There’s a rerason for this and I hope y’all will find it in you hearts to forgive me :-).

Why have I been off for so long?  Since u asked! Its been a rollercoster yer to be honest! Malawi was great and all but I felt that I wasn’t in the right mind frame to be encouraging y’all as I needed some encouragement myself. As well as Uni, it wasn’t easy at all! SO anyway Im back with more knowledge and wisdom by God’s grace. I aint saying I am where I want to be, but God knows why He’s been asking me to jump on this again. I tell u I do not know what I wil write, I can’t say this will take any form, but one thing I can assure u is that everything I write will be lead by The Holy Spirit. If I don’t post for a few days, forgive me. I am praying that God will be exalted thru this blog. That many of you will get to know HIm like never before and that I will also be encouraged by you.

I leave you with Ephesians 6:10

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. NIV.

Don’t find your strength in your relations. They don’t have as much strength as our Lord Jesus Christ.Be strengthened in His work. Be Strengthened by His Holy Spirit. Don’t give up on God.

Reedemed Leo. x