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Now who is there to hurt you if you are zealous followers of that which is good? 1 Peter 3:13

It’s good question. In everyday life we will find ourselves being confronted by people and situations that will hurt us. This hurt maybe physical or emotional. When this happens, according to this scripture, you’ll have to ask yourself if you have been a ‘zealous’ follower of that which is good. Another word for zealous is purposeful. So ask yourself, what do you purposefully follow?  Is it good or bad. Will it bring you hurt or joy?

For, “The one who wants to enjoy life and see good days [good—whether apparent or not],
Must keep his tongue free from evil and his lips from speaking guile (treachery, deceit).
11 He must turn away from wickedness and do what is right.
He must search for peace [with God, with self, with others] and pursue it eagerly [actively—not merely desiring it].
1 peter 3:10-11.

From the above passage, we can see that ‘good’ may not always be apparent. But if we want to see good days; our tongue is the first thing mentioned here. Controlling your tongue and lips is a key to purposefully follow a good thing and therefore you wouldn’t be hurt. If you watch what you say, it cannot be used against you so it saves you from being hurt. If you don’t insult someone or say something that will anger them, they’ll have no reason to hurt you with their words or their hands.

It’s not always easy to purposefully follow a good thing, but when you do, you will avoid a lot of hurt. You’ll find that no one can hurt you; because God looks after the righteous and His word is true. God looks after the righteous.

There are times when you’ll purposefully follow god things and still find yourself hurting. Just remember that the word said in verse 10 ‘ the one who wants to enjoy good days ( good- apparent or not). the good days may be not be apparent in the physical but in the eyes of God Jehovah; you have done well.

Purposefully follow a good thing this year.  Turn away from wickedness, do what is right in the eyes of God and pursue peace. When you do you will find that hurt is no more.