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By the grace of God I got to hear CALL ON HIS NAME before it’s official release date TODAY 25th November. When I first got this song, I was immediately drawn to remembrance. I remembered where God brought me from and how I hot to where I am. It was by calling on the name of God. I was encouraged by this song; encouraged to remember God in my good and bad. I spoke to Andrew and he mentioned that at the time of writing this song, he was facing some challenges in the industry. Especially in relation to his prior single I no fit shout. Can’t go into much detail, but Andrew did say that this  is a testimony to what God is doing in His life.
Have a read at the lyrics… The song will be available for download on soundcloud as of TOADY!!!

See I go call on you
My feet dey follow you
I cannot do this on my own
No be lie I won’t prosper at all

I’m stranded without you lord
Come and rescue me
I’ll fail in life without you
Can you hear me

Eh yo eh yo!
Your love is never failing
You took me from the miry clay
Now I’m not the same

Eh yo! Eh yo!
Your love is never changing
When I was down you came for me
I’ll keep calli

Call His name
Call on His name
When you call on His name it gives us joy assurance and happiness.

Verse 2
I’ll get my breakthrough one day
No man can see how I feel inside
Baba go find my way
I listen to the words that you say

​No fronting, no stunting
I’ll place everything at your feet
No fronting, no stunting
I cannot deceive myself

Eh yo! Eh yo!
You see my heart needs you
Take me away from the pain
Let your mercy see me through
Eh yo! Eh yo!
Right now I’m standing
I surrender in worship
Let your peace fall on me

Call His name
Call on His name
When you call on His name it gives us joy assurance and happiness.

Verse 3

I read Jeremiah 33 coz in the place of weakness the enemy can hurt me
when I lose focus my heart turns cold
I cling to the cross now my heart’s controlled

(Yeah, yeah) I’m stuck so imma call on his name
it’s playtime now but this is more than a game
I’ve gotta get my life right so I play calm
running out of patience ring the alarm

He brings peace and joy so ive gotta stay close
I’m holding his hand while I stand when the rain blows
my self confidence is low…
I welcome the Holy Spirit now coz it’s time that my mind grows

So I call on him it’s Christ that I lean on
I read the word of God it’s that which I feed on
I can see the changes coming now it’s in place
I can see myself growing now it’s in grace/



There comes a tine in life when as Christian , you desire nothing more than to be Christ like. To be as humble as the King of Kings… The thing is are you ready?! Are you willing to be tried, patient and tested?

When Jesus was in the world the bible tells us that He was tested just like us and yet without sin! Can this b our testimony today?!

Being Christ like requires a lot of humulity. Not jus outward humility, but inward humility when you know that you are nothing but mere dust before our Lord and King .

My sister today spoke of God’s tjme like this “there is prayer time, waiting time, testing time and then testimony time”. These are the steps, and through it all you will need patience, endurance of the pain and suffering that will come your way.

When you want God’s will to be perfected in your life, you will have to endure. It will be painful, and at times you will feel like giving up on all hope, just remember that God has answered your prayers already. At Gethsemane, Jesus wept and prayed and sweated. Still He accepted God’s plan and knew that His purpose for coming on earth must be fulfilled. If Jesus at that point would have said ” u know what, dunno y am doing all this anyway! All this pain and suffering for people hu are to persecute me and kill me… Why Should I bother?! “, where would this world be today?! Where would you and I be?!

If Jesus, a King could humble Himself to allow God’s will to be fulfilled, so can we. The sorrow is only for a moment for Joy will soon come!!!

So, when you are asking God to break you and mould you into His likeness, be ready for your flesh to feel pain. You will feel evry emotion, from anger to hatred to discouragement to joy.

The pain will be your testimony, just remember that the enemy does not want to see you finish the race and God will not force you either..

Be careful what you pray for. Xx