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Now who is there to hurt you if you are zealous followers of that which is good? 1 Peter 3:13

It’s good question. In everyday life we will find ourselves being confronted by people and situations that will hurt us. This hurt maybe physical or emotional. When this happens, according to this scripture, you’ll have to ask yourself if you have been a ‘zealous’ follower of that which is good. Another word for zealous is purposeful. So ask yourself, what do you purposefully follow?  Is it good or bad. Will it bring you hurt or joy?

For, “The one who wants to enjoy life and see good days [good—whether apparent or not],
Must keep his tongue free from evil and his lips from speaking guile (treachery, deceit).
11 He must turn away from wickedness and do what is right.
He must search for peace [with God, with self, with others] and pursue it eagerly [actively—not merely desiring it].
1 peter 3:10-11.

From the above passage, we can see that ‘good’ may not always be apparent. But if we want to see good days; our tongue is the first thing mentioned here. Controlling your tongue and lips is a key to purposefully follow a good thing and therefore you wouldn’t be hurt. If you watch what you say, it cannot be used against you so it saves you from being hurt. If you don’t insult someone or say something that will anger them, they’ll have no reason to hurt you with their words or their hands.

It’s not always easy to purposefully follow a good thing, but when you do, you will avoid a lot of hurt. You’ll find that no one can hurt you; because God looks after the righteous and His word is true. God looks after the righteous.

There are times when you’ll purposefully follow god things and still find yourself hurting. Just remember that the word said in verse 10 ‘ the one who wants to enjoy good days ( good- apparent or not). the good days may be not be apparent in the physical but in the eyes of God Jehovah; you have done well.

Purposefully follow a good thing this year.  Turn away from wickedness, do what is right in the eyes of God and pursue peace. When you do you will find that hurt is no more.






Genesis 1
Lessons from the story of Creation

The story of creation. Every time I read about how we were created I am truly amazed. I have come to see that God created us for a purpose. To cultivate/ manage His work. It took Him six days to create the earth. As we know a day on earth can equate to thousands of years in God’s timing. But that’s not what is important. What caught my eye or ministered to me was how proud God was at the end of each day. Throughout out chapter 1 verses end with ‘and God so that it was good (fitting, admirable ) and He approved it (AMP). As I read these lines I realised that if we are to be like Jesus,who is God, then we must be proud of what we do at the end of each day. We should look at our work, creations and conversations at the end of the day and be proud of it. We should be able to find our work fitting and admirable. For our work to be admirable, suitable and fitting, we need to aim for it to be so. Easily said and may seem like common sense or knowledge. But aiming to be proud of of our work is at times not our goal. For example when you got to work and your manager gives you a task, you may complete it in the manner of ‘I’ll just do it and getting over and done with’. The Bible teaches us to work as if working for God and not man. So when we approach certain tasks at work and at church, we should be able to say, ‘ I’ll do my best on this’. At the need of the day, you and I should be able to look at a hard day’s work and say yes ‘it is good and suitable and fitting’ for our God. For we serve a good God, and everything we do is for His glory. Even our secular is for His glory, for when we do well God is glorified and magnified in the eyes of those who see how we work. God never allowed a day to go by without completing something. Each day He saw what was needed to do and done it. In the evening He rested, he regained strength and continued the next day. Don’t overwork yourself and neither be lazy. When the time Came for God to rest He rested. Work hard now, invest all that youthful energy into ministry and a time will come when you can rest. Don’t allow a day to waste this year. Each day must mean something; read a chapter of a book write a chapter of a book. Let each day you are given on this earth count for so etching. For we were created for a purpose. Spend a some hours a day working towards fulfilling that purpose.

May God give us the grace to work to best if our ability and be proud of our accomplishments at the end of each day. May we face each day’s challenge with hope and the right attitude. In Jesus Name.Amen.


Sounds like something teenagers would do, but I guess the US would do whatever it takes in their hope for world domination. Creating a fake service, at the cost of the US taxpayer, and hoping you’d get some juicy gossip is in my opinion very childish. I don’t know if it’s just me or is the global political arena going a bit crazy. With Russia stealing parts of a country and now the US building a service that ultimately tracked people’s cyber movements, you would think that you’re in a secondary school playground! Anyways you have a read and make up your own minds. All I can say is that, there is no such thing as freedom on this side of eternity.

US ‘secretly built Cuban Twitter’

World Bank stalls $90m Uganda loan

I’ve seen so many of these stories around and I have to say, I am proud to be an African. I rejoice at the union that is being formed in Africa against western pressure to become like the west. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in any way in agreement that homosexuals should be killed as some African countries have decided. A soul is a soul and God loves us all. In fact to hate a homosexual or exclude them from society is the most unchristian and inhumane thing to do.
The Holy Bible tells a story of a woman who was brought before Jesus Christ to be punished and stoned as she was caught in adultery. Jesus simply said to the crowd ‘let him who has no sin be the first to cast a stone’. The bible continues to tell us that; one by one they all dropped their stones. So you see just because a homosexual is a homosexual does not mean we are better than them or they deserve to be killed. We have no authority over the human body nor can we command when someone should live or not due to who they choose to sleep with. Our responsibilty as humans and more importantly, as children of God is to love them like Christ loved us.

So I can see where the West is trying to make us believe they are coming from, but you cannot force a whole nation or continent to change their cultural views. How can the likes of the world bank and the USA enslave Africa to this day to the point where they want us to change our culture and beliefs? Where do they get their crazy ideas from? I have yet to see a country that has benefited from the interference of the West. The countries that chose not to follow the west’s policies and strategies are the ones prospering.
I am so happy to see African leaders finally act indepedent. I am happy to see that even if it has taken over 50 years in some countries, the African people can say ‘thank you but no thank you, we got this’. Africans are refusing to lose their morals all in the name of ‘aid’.
Yes Africa will for a short period of time feel the effects of their actions but I believe that if Africa can stand united and trade off each other, we could easily become like Korea or China. If only African leaders can have enough confidence that they can be without the west.
I hope the leaders of the west are watching, because it looks like Africa is about to be finished with your lies, manipulations, bullying and mind games.
The west feeds on money and power and to some extent so does Africa but Africa has what the west wants and needs. You see, the west make Africa believe that we should be like them, but that’s not the case. It actually seems like the west want to be like Africa. Africa has  what the west need;  we feed them, clothe them and it doesnt seem to be enough. The west also want the pride that we have as a nation. They want to take our inner and outer beauty, they want our dignity and Im so pleased to see that African leaders are saying ‘no more’. You’ve taken enough from our land.

We are grateful for the aid that the west and the world bank provide to Africa, but we have always known it was at a cost. Seems like the price you’re asking for is too much. Homosexuality laws. Like I said some African countries have very strict homosexuality laws. The west needs to understand, it is very very very unlikely that  homosexuality will be lagalised in Africa. You cannot come and dictate the laws of a country. That’s just rude!

So proud to be an African.

Andrew Bello is fast becoming a household name in the African household. The rejected ‘nobody’ from Nigeria is becoming the biggest name in contemporary Afro Gospel music here in the UK and in Africa. Since his arrival in the UK at the beginning of the millennium “Mr International”, as he is known on stage, has launched an album Centre of attraction, won two awards, released several singles and has ministered at numerous Christian evangelical concerts and programmes. When Andrew Bello gets on stage you can see that he is not there just to sing but to lead people in worship and encourage you to fall in love with God. His music encourages you to know God and praise God for your life. Most of his music is a testimony of what God has done and is still doing in his life. He brings drama and uniqueness to any programme as he has allowed God to take control of his life. It’s in his music videos that one gets to see his dramatic and fashionable personality.

From the age of 7, Andrew has always known he was called for a purpose and that he was set apart from the rest of his friends. At this tender young age Andrew would watch his Grandfather and uncle play a variety of sounds and join in with them. This fuelled his passion for African Gospel music. With this vision he continued to attend church in his hometown in Nigeria.

Like many of the youth of Nigeria, he quickly found himself in the gang culture where he was involved in undisclosed criminal activities.  One thing is known though; he was the planner and not the doer of these activities.  For Andrew, the criminal lifestyle didn’t hinder him from attending church. Andrew still attended church and one can confidently say that it was through attending church that he realised his life could not continue the way it was.

In his late teens, Andrew made a difficult but life changing decision to move from his family home and town. He desired to attend university, but realised that he couldn’t remain in the country as there was no inspiration or encouragement from his friends.  Had he remained in Nigeria it wouldn’t have been able to become the man God wanted him to do. So in 2000, Andrew left Nigeria to become an entertainer in the UK. His family thought he was crazy and being unrealistic, but Andrew knew what he was doing. He was following orders from God, he was answering a call from God and although he did not exactly how it was going to happen he believed that it was going to happen. He knew he was called to be a worshipper and an entertainer and it was not going to be in Nigeria. He left Nigeria with the belief that he was coming to a better location with a better life.

This illusion quickly turned into a bitter reality when he found himself hanging around with the East London gangs. Again, he was involved in some undisclosed activities but his time he was more than the planner he was heavily involved in these activities. After months of moving around in East London he found himself some good friends who encouraged him to attend church. He started attending a growing local Pentecostal church, where he quickly became a chorister. Again his involvement in the ministry of God did not stop him from his criminal behaviour. His heart had become hardened. The walls were closing in on him and the pressures of living of a dual lifestyle threw him into a state of depression and mental instability. The only way forward for him was to check into a psychiatric unit. This was the beginning of the rebirth of Andrew Bello.

During his short stay at this home, Andrew used the opportunity to redirect his life back onto God’s original plan for him. The identity that had been destroyed during his teens began to be reconstructed. He had a CD on him that he kept on listening to, which helped him to refocus and regain his confidence as a minister. Before he knew it he was invited to minister at a conference. Since this day he has never looked back on God. He has followed God’s command to lead people in worship. He has grown from strength to strength in ministry and has even started his own ministry to help young people.

The year 2013 has seen Andrew Bello launch the Omo Jesu (Child of Jesus) movement. This ministry is another vision given to Andrew that gives an opportunity to the young children who are walking on a similar path that he did. Andrew Bello wasn’t very academic but he excelled in music and art and more recently is expressing his love for fashion. This is what he wants to see for the youth of today. Omo Jesu is on the lookout for those who are not excelling at school and know they can excel in other areas. Like his music, Omo Jesu is not limited to one group of people. The Omo Jesu movement is on the lookout for actors, entertainers, entrepreneurs, architects and anyone who believes they have a talent.  The Omo Jesu movement has recently launched a music video for Andrew Bello and is working on couple more for this year.

One of the things that need to be known about Andrew is that he loves his music and his life is a testimony. He desires to travel to the forgotten lands of Afghanistan, Palestine, India, Rwanda and the places where the gospel is not known and other ministers don’t want to go to.  One can truly say that he is living up to his proverbial saying; My life’s been like a book with many chapters, but some pages are missing, finding purpose was the ultimate goal of my mission. 

4 Soldiers don’t get tied up in the affairs of civilian life, for then they cannot please the officer who enlisted them. 5 And athletes cannot win the prize unless they follow the rules. 2 Tim 2:4-5 NLT

Our prime purpose in life as soldiers of the kingdom of God Jehovah is his son’s last command “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Mat. 28:19-20). Education, work, marriage, kids are temporal things that we’ll leave when we die. But the souls that we bring to Christ, by His grace and mercies they will enter into eternal bliss. As believers it is not bad to have these things, it is only bad when you place them above God and your ministry. When getting married and and having a PHD get in the way of your calling, they are no longer pleasing to God, even though he created them for us.

Vs 5 encourages us as Saints of God to do everything lawfully. We will not enter heaven unless we do the things of God lawfully. He commands us to love our neighbors, pay tithes, spread the His word of  truth, not lie nor cheat. But there are times as Christians, we say God will understand and he sees our circumstances. He does but He still expects you to live according to the laws of  His mouth as well as the laws of this land.


Everything is in this life has a procedure or protocol, follow them and you’ll live a blessed life.

God’s love to you all.soldier_in_gods_army_mousepad-p144272749876587089z8xsj_400

Ok… I know some of u thinking I’m smoking but this may actually interest you.

A random thought I just had actually. Sex and intimacy is something of a taboo in the Christian world. But we gotta talk about it. Especially with our young ladies ( oh yh nd the Bois!) who are surrounded by all this sexual tension and pressure! I mean come on now, we all know that it goes on, even in our churches… I bet ur eyebrows raised rite abou now huh?! Hehe
Seriously though, sex and intimacy is something we need to educate ourselves on and tackle, especially within the church.
So what does our bible tell us about sex?! It’s a holy act of love…( u probably thinking “yh she on drugs again”). But I’m actually being real. When God created men and women He clearly state that we need to multiply, therefore God created sex and gave us permission to have a physically intimate relationship with our ” wives/husbands”. That’s what sex is for primarily. But what we have done as a people into a sin against the holy temple of God.

Ok, some of you maybe confused but, let me confuse you some more. Our bodies are temples of God. God lives in you. Therefore your body is a temple. once u start having sex outside of marriage (fornication, adultery), u have told God that He no longer lives you. Therefore serving the devil.
How does that work I hear u say… K… Look at it this way, when u r de sully active with a person, you become one. Your souls are joined together ( hence why sex is usually left for your first night of marriage). You are exchanging the one thing no other man/woman should be able to share wiv u.
Dint u realise that once you sleep wiv someone something comes over you? You may start to get jealous and question the persons reason for sleeping with you. U begin to lower yourself to a place God never intended you to be.
You have an intimate relationship and connection with a person God did not prepare for you and before you know it you doubt yourself. And the enemy starts to plant seeds of evil thoughts of jealousy, anger, guilt, self-hatred!

Why put yourself through this? Shame the devil and keep yourself for ur destined wife/husband. Don’t allow te enemy to make you believe that you must test drive before you buy, coz trust me I God says that’s the one for you then He has made that person to suit your every needs and desires. Sexually as well. Go created sex, He wants us to enjoy it. But in the way He intended in a marital home.

Sex, has been known to be a killer. But also a giver of life.