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World Bank stalls $90m Uganda loan

I’ve seen so many of these stories around and I have to say, I am proud to be an African. I rejoice at the union that is being formed in Africa against western pressure to become like the west. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in any way in agreement that homosexuals should be killed as some African countries have decided. A soul is a soul and God loves us all. In fact to hate a homosexual or exclude them from society is the most unchristian and inhumane thing to do.
The Holy Bible tells a story of a woman who was brought before Jesus Christ to be punished and stoned as she was caught in adultery. Jesus simply said to the crowd ‘let him who has no sin be the first to cast a stone’. The bible continues to tell us that; one by one they all dropped their stones. So you see just because a homosexual is a homosexual does not mean we are better than them or they deserve to be killed. We have no authority over the human body nor can we command when someone should live or not due to who they choose to sleep with. Our responsibilty as humans and more importantly, as children of God is to love them like Christ loved us.

So I can see where the West is trying to make us believe they are coming from, but you cannot force a whole nation or continent to change their cultural views. How can the likes of the world bank and the USA enslave Africa to this day to the point where they want us to change our culture and beliefs? Where do they get their crazy ideas from? I have yet to see a country that has benefited from the interference of the West. The countries that chose not to follow the west’s policies and strategies are the ones prospering.
I am so happy to see African leaders finally act indepedent. I am happy to see that even if it has taken over 50 years in some countries, the African people can say ‘thank you but no thank you, we got this’. Africans are refusing to lose their morals all in the name of ‘aid’.
Yes Africa will for a short period of time feel the effects of their actions but I believe that if Africa can stand united and trade off each other, we could easily become like Korea or China. If only African leaders can have enough confidence that they can be without the west.
I hope the leaders of the west are watching, because it looks like Africa is about to be finished with your lies, manipulations, bullying and mind games.
The west feeds on money and power and to some extent so does Africa but Africa has what the west wants and needs. You see, the west make Africa believe that we should be like them, but that’s not the case. It actually seems like the west want to be like Africa. Africa has  what the west need;  we feed them, clothe them and it doesnt seem to be enough. The west also want the pride that we have as a nation. They want to take our inner and outer beauty, they want our dignity and Im so pleased to see that African leaders are saying ‘no more’. You’ve taken enough from our land.

We are grateful for the aid that the west and the world bank provide to Africa, but we have always known it was at a cost. Seems like the price you’re asking for is too much. Homosexuality laws. Like I said some African countries have very strict homosexuality laws. The west needs to understand, it is very very very unlikely that  homosexuality will be lagalised in Africa. You cannot come and dictate the laws of a country. That’s just rude!

So proud to be an African.