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In a person’s life when change has to come. The change that needs to take place; has to happen  regardless of what is going on around you. 

Have you ever found yourself going around and around in circles, and each time you come back to that same place; tiredness? You find yourself frustrated, guilty, annoyed, dissapointed, and all this because you have not made any changes to your life or are reluctant to. 

Until you take dastric measures

and I mean make radical changes to your life and daily routines, you’ll find yourself frustrated in that you’re not progressing.

 In order to progress in life you need to sacrifice. Success equates to sacrifice and vice versa. You’ll need to sacrfice time, money, energy and maybe more to esure that you become who God called you to be.

Until you value your calling; you will not sacrifice for it. Until you realise that you are set apart from your peers; the desire to change will not be there. So get frustrated at your current situation; see that you are worth more and start making changes. Start today. Make a life changing decision today. 

  • Bite the bullet and enrol on that course
  • Bite the bullet and leave that abusive relationship. It may not even be abusive but you know it’s not right; so walk away.
  • Leave that toxic friendship
  • Leave that toxic environment

Allow yourself to be free to be YOU.