Lessons from Genesis 1

Posted on: January 5, 2015

Genesis 1
Lessons from the story of Creation

The story of creation. Every time I read about how we were created I am truly amazed. I have come to see that God created us for a purpose. To cultivate/ manage His work. It took Him six days to create the earth. As we know a day on earth can equate to thousands of years in God’s timing. But that’s not what is important. What caught my eye or ministered to me was how proud God was at the end of each day. Throughout out chapter 1 verses end with ‘and God so that it was good (fitting, admirable ) and He approved it (AMP). As I read these lines I realised that if we are to be like Jesus,who is God, then we must be proud of what we do at the end of each day. We should look at our work, creations and conversations at the end of the day and be proud of it. We should be able to find our work fitting and admirable. For our work to be admirable, suitable and fitting, we need to aim for it to be so. Easily said and may seem like common sense or knowledge. But aiming to be proud of of our work is at times not our goal. For example when you got to work and your manager gives you a task, you may complete it in the manner of ‘I’ll just do it and getting over and done with’. The Bible teaches us to work as if working for God and not man. So when we approach certain tasks at work and at church, we should be able to say, ‘ I’ll do my best on this’. At the need of the day, you and I should be able to look at a hard day’s work and say yes ‘it is good and suitable and fitting’ for our God. For we serve a good God, and everything we do is for His glory. Even our secular is for His glory, for when we do well God is glorified and magnified in the eyes of those who see how we work. God never allowed a day to go by without completing something. Each day He saw what was needed to do and done it. In the evening He rested, he regained strength and continued the next day. Don’t overwork yourself and neither be lazy. When the time Came for God to rest He rested. Work hard now, invest all that youthful energy into ministry and a time will come when you can rest. Don’t allow a day to waste this year. Each day must mean something; read a chapter of a book write a chapter of a book. Let each day you are given on this earth count for so etching. For we were created for a purpose. Spend a some hours a day working towards fulfilling that purpose.

May God give us the grace to work to best if our ability and be proud of our accomplishments at the end of each day. May we face each day’s challenge with hope and the right attitude. In Jesus Name.Amen.



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