Purpose of sex

Posted on: July 15, 2011

Ok… I know some of u thinking I’m smoking but this may actually interest you.

A random thought I just had actually. Sex and intimacy is something of a taboo in the Christian world. But we gotta talk about it. Especially with our young ladies ( oh yh nd the Bois!) who are surrounded by all this sexual tension and pressure! I mean come on now, we all know that it goes on, even in our churches… I bet ur eyebrows raised rite abou now huh?! Hehe
Seriously though, sex and intimacy is something we need to educate ourselves on and tackle, especially within the church.
So what does our bible tell us about sex?! It’s a holy act of love…( u probably thinking “yh she on drugs again”). But I’m actually being real. When God created men and women He clearly state that we need to multiply, therefore God created sex and gave us permission to have a physically intimate relationship with our ” wives/husbands”. That’s what sex is for primarily. But what we have done as a people into a sin against the holy temple of God.

Ok, some of you maybe confused but, let me confuse you some more. Our bodies are temples of God. God lives in you. Therefore your body is a temple. once u start having sex outside of marriage (fornication, adultery), u have told God that He no longer lives you. Therefore serving the devil.
How does that work I hear u say… K… Look at it this way, when u r de sully active with a person, you become one. Your souls are joined together ( hence why sex is usually left for your first night of marriage). You are exchanging the one thing no other man/woman should be able to share wiv u.
Dint u realise that once you sleep wiv someone something comes over you? You may start to get jealous and question the persons reason for sleeping with you. U begin to lower yourself to a place God never intended you to be.
You have an intimate relationship and connection with a person God did not prepare for you and before you know it you doubt yourself. And the enemy starts to plant seeds of evil thoughts of jealousy, anger, guilt, self-hatred!

Why put yourself through this? Shame the devil and keep yourself for ur destined wife/husband. Don’t allow te enemy to make you believe that you must test drive before you buy, coz trust me I God says that’s the one for you then He has made that person to suit your every needs and desires. Sexually as well. Go created sex, He wants us to enjoy it. But in the way He intended in a marital home.

Sex, has been known to be a killer. But also a giver of life.



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