Age, Maturity or faith?

Posted on: June 5, 2011

HI world…

Ok, so I randomly decided at 1 am that I want to start blogging! Why? I have so many random thoughts in my head that I like to share with people, but can be bothered to or I forget by the time I speak to them… SO I thought, best thing to do, start a blog and just jot down your thoughts and see what the world thinks! A few of my friends have also recently started blogging, so wanted to jump on the wave too…

SO my random thought this evening..

I’m at this training thing in Birmz, with some ( I originally thought) like-minded people! I’m volunteering abroad in a few weeks and we have to have this training weekend thing. So, I arrived late last night, at like 12.3o AM and didn’t meet anyone until I went to breakfast and sat on my own! those of you who have the special privilege of knowing me, will know that I’m not the most social person out there.I’m very shy when I first meet u, but within a few minutes I will be OK… But not today!

Today, I felt ODD! It didn’t help that I sat by myself at breakfast, and had an afternoon nap! But hey, I was tired, maybe too tired for socializing! Anyway As the day went by, I really did try to integrate with the people I will be sharing my summer with! But I found it difficult! As in, their conversations, were not on point. How can you be talking about having a crush on your leader over dinner? or is this what people talk about these days? Whilst in the socializing bit of the evening, I joined them in the bar with my cup of tea and chocolate bar. and still they were talking nonsense! talking about drunk nights and other nonsense! In the end they all went off to the pub and as I don’t drink or socialize in pubs, I went to watch BGT wiv another cuppa!

Went back down a few mins ago, they’re back but drunk. and of course I cannot hold a sensible convo with them and it’s like they’re scared to talk to me!

Now, when I used to drink and smoke, getting on with people was easy! we’d have a drink then stroll outside for a fag and actually hold a solid conversation (or was it)!

Today’s events have me thinking, has an alcohol become a socialization tool? Do we use alcohol and smoking as an “icebreaker”? If you could see what I’m talking about maybe you would understand. It’s as if I’m almost weird coz I don’t have a bottle of beer in my hand, or a cigarette… or is it just me? Am I looking at this too deeply?

has my faith, affected the bubble full of life girl I used to be? Or Am I just growing up and becoming more mature? And as a christian do I really have no talking grounds with people who drink alcohol? or is it just me not making an effort to get to know people?

it’s only first night, so we will see how it goes…

My first blog complete! yeye!!


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